Brazilian Amazon

Floresta Project works with native communities in the Brazilian Amazon to create community development initiatives that focus on sustainability and environmental conservation. Through these projects we are participating in the preservation of one of the largest remaining rainforests in the world.more

General Kitchen

The General Kitchen was completed in 2012, and is a major success story for Floresta. The community kitchen/cafeteria was inspired by the vision of local women in a small community located in the Purus National Rainforest deep the heart of the Amazon rainforest.more

Forest Medicine Center

Centro Medicina da Floresta (Forest Medicine Center, CMF) is a medical center and laboratory located in a small community in the Purus National Forest. Founded in 1989 by Maria Alice Campos Freire with a group of local women and youth, CMF was created to preserve and expand the forest people’s traditional knowledge of local plant medicines by safeguarding and cultivating the native flora of the rainforest.more

Florais da Amazonia

Florais da Amazonia is a line of floral essences from the Amazon created through a 25-year study by Maria Alice Campos Freire and Isabel Faccinni Barsé and produced at Centro Medicina da Floresta (CMF). These special remedies are made from many different types of flowers that grow in the rainforest.more


Floresta Project is supporting the AmaGaia project, a certified Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) course created by Gaia Education that teaches villagers in the Purus National Forest of Brazil about building sustainable communities. The AmaGaia course is modeled on several successful ecovillages from around the world; it is the first certified EDE course to be held in the Amazon rainforest and one of the few in the world dedicated to traditional communities.more

Sustainable Food Project- Organic Garden

The Floresta Project is committed to assisting this same community in the Purus National Forest in implementing organic farming and permaculture practices. There are many challenges to gardening in the rainforest, and we believe that permaculture practices and techniques are the essential foundation for creating an integrated, environmentally sustainable agricultural system that will benefit the community and ensure that natural resources will be available for future generations.more

Alliance Work

Floresta’s work includes alliance weaving with different Indigenous and Native peoples throughout the world. In 2011, Floresta sponsored a delegation of Arhuaco elders from La Sierra Nevada de Gonawindua, Columbia, to meet with Indigenous tribal leaders from the Amazon at a gathering in Brasilia for the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.more

Tribal Food Project

The Tribal Food Project seeks to empower Native American communities with the resources to grow local, healthy and sustainable food. By drawing upon both traditional and modern agricultural methodologies, we are partnering with schools and communities to develop self-sustaining food production programs.more

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